Rumi quote about riotous roots

It’s hard to feel blue on a color walk

“…the roots are down there riotous.” Imagine the secret worlds below our feet! Makes me want to step a little differently. 

Winter blues have been seeping into my conversations with friends. I’m glad we’re talking about it. The fears of returning to isolation like last year are so valid. Covid was heavy on our hearts over the holidays. And, we can’t quite see yet how this year will play out. Uncertainty is hard.

But every season gets its turn. And winter is not here yet. Soak in the fall colors and sip the pumpkin spice lattes. It’s so important to fill your cup when you can. Leaning into joy now means you will be more resilient later.  

Strong roots weather the storms, but you can’t grow them the day the storm arrives. 

I gave myself a couple joy boosts this week. First, I nestled some garlic and saffron bulbs in my garden. Something to look forward to.  I’ll be dreaming of future paella dinners all winter long. 

My second boost idea came with immediate gratification. I took my camera on a “color walk.” I didn’t worry about speed or the distance or calories burned. I just picked a color and followed it. My pigment of choice was vibrant, joyful orange. Maybe a little obvious with it being Autumn in Oregon. But I loved the playfulness and where it took me.  And the pictures are certain to brighten the days ahead. 

Joining the Gratitude Club is another way to lean into joy. A new art-filled card delivered every month is a chance to practice gratitude and spread kindness to someone in your life.

Orange tupelo tree leaves.
Orange grasses with white feathered tips.
A cluster of five orange dahlia flowers.
A cluster of five orange dahlia flowers
Japanese maple leaves turning gold and orange
Orange oak leaf
Orange peeling bark of birch tree
Garden shed with orange sun burst painted on left side

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