Sharing a few kind words can change everything.

Kindness Roots cards are artfully designed to deliver your grateful notion.

Kindness Roots gratitude card with a honeybee and opened to reveal a watercolor of a lady bug.

Kindness and details matter. We print on luxurious, sustainable bamboo paper and select a Forever Stamp for every envelope.

Two gratitude cards. One open with pink camellia and one closed with pink camellia tree plays a pink gel pen.
Gratitude card with tree graphic floating with multi-colored branches.
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Barbara Vale, Oregon
Just ordered another subscription!! I can't wait to see the new cards each month and then choose who to send them to. Thanks again for this wonderful idea and beautiful cards!
Victoria Vale, Oregon
I LOVE these cards every month! We use them for our most sincere thank you's and the backstories with every card are beautiful! Consider getting a card, or the yearly subscription like we do.
Pam Penryn, California
I got your card in the mail today from my subscription to Kindness Roots. I love it. The inside is really sweet. It’s such an affirming thing to get that card and think of who I’ll send it to.
Wendy Happy Valley, Oregon
I ordered two cards and a print. They came quickly and nicely wrapped. They're just as described, and I'm so excited to send the cards! Recommend 100 percent!!
A watercolor of a stream flowing through a meadow and reflecting a pink sunset with quote "kindness moves us forward in beautiful ways"
Art of Gratitude Framed Sunflower Print
Watercolor in frame of Dog Mountain Wildflowers with quote the reads: A brush with kindness will paint a new perspective.
Snow covered firs in watercolor print with John Muir quote.
A kindness buzz written with dots like a bee trail.

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