Nine Kindness Roots gratitude cards laid on a table.

Gratitude Delivered

Kindness Roots Card Subscriptions Invite You to Save the Date for Gratitude

An attitude of gratitude takes practice.  It’s so easy to slip without backup. Support and regular doses of inspiration are the difference makers between a gratitude habit that sticks and one that is quickly forgotten. 

Kindness Roots “Card of the Month” subscriptions are a simple, beautiful tool to consistently show up and care for yourself and others.

Our half and full-year memberships serve as an invitation to “save the date” for gratitude. A new art-filled gratitude card with a kindness message will arrive in your mailbox every month. Each delivery will be a fresh inspiring nudge to reconnect to a practice of reflection and appreciation.

Gratitude with every page flip of the calendar.

Kindness Roots cards are made from softly-textured and sustainable bamboo paper. They literally and figuratively feel good. All gratitude cards include a stamped envelope, so sweet sentiments will never be impatiently waiting for postage. 

Sometimes the best habits arrive in the mail.

Tips for writing your noteworthy gratitude…

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