Three fir trees stand together with roots entwined on a gratitude card with envelope and raven stamp.

A Timeless and Evergreen New Year

A New Year!

Is your busy brain a whirl of reflection on what has passed and anticipation for the future? I feel a bit stirred up, too!

This trio of evergreens was chosen for the January “Card-of-the-month” as a bit of a touchstone for mindfulness. The steady, unwavering fir trees remind me that while much will change in a year, what we hold dear is often timeless.

Kindness, gratitude, and hope connect us all at our roots and give us something to lean on as we grow together.

For this kindness and gratitude art, I wanted the trees to appear to lean toward and reach for each other through both their branches and their roots. I became enamored with the idea of trees communicating with one another after reading Robin Wall Kimmerer’s Braiding Sweetgrass.

Trees sending and receiving messages through the wind on pollen and through networks of fungus in the soil? That makes every stand of trees I walk under feel a bit different now. And there’s so much more to Braiding Sweetgrass. The author’s stories are a beautiful weave of indigenous and scientific knowledge. I can’t think of a book that speaks more to gratitude.

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