A watercolor of a field of sunflowers with one standing tall in the middle to symbolize standing tall with Ukraine.

Stand Tall with Ukraine

Sunflowers have always held my heart. For centuries they have captured the imagination of artists who write poetic verses or attempt to put their beauty in a frame.

But as a country far from Oregon suffers another’s immoral and unjustified attack, the national flower of Ukraine seems to overflow like never before with strength, beauty, and perseverance.

As I revisited my many photographs of sunflowers, I wanted to share one with you that speaks to me in this moment. The center bloom seems so solitary even in a sea of others. It is hopeful and resilient and surrounded with support. The watercolor adaptation of my original photograph is named “Stand Tall with Ukraine.” You can download and print the art for free here on my Smugmug site.

As you display your sunflower art, let it inspire compassion and action for the Urkrainian people. When we feel helpless, that’s when finding even a small way to help matters most. There are many organizations making a real difference. Together Rising is always where I look first.

I have a few sunflower gratitude cards and art prints in the shop. They are significantly discounted while supplies last. I’d love to see some sunflower art seeding kindness these days.

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