Male Western Bluebird holds a bug in its beak at entrance to Prescott Bluebird Recover Project nesting box

Grateful for Bluebirds

April's Gratitude Club Card

All along the open fields and country roads near my home are the cutest little houses.  The rent is free. Residents get a little dish of snacks on the roof. They also score a volunteer housekeeper.

The Prescott Bluebird Recovery Project is a volunteer group creating space for Western Bluebirds to thrive in the Willamette Valley. My neighbor affectionately calls them the “bluebird ladies.” I feel pretty strongly that I will have to be a "bluebird lady" someday. I like the idea of mothering nature after my boys have all left the nest.

Prescott volunteers help our blue-feathered bug catchers secure housing in an increasingly competitive market. The battle with swallows and sparrows is fierce every year. The art on my new "Grateful for Bluebirds" card features a victorious and striking bluebird daddy feeding his nestlings on my garden fence last spring. It’s a card for nature lovers and anyone who you see taking care of others. That kindness matters whether it's directed to our people, our wild creatures, or our domesticated fur babies.

"Grateful for Bluebirds" is mailing out to the Gratitude Card Club on April 1st.  I hope the members all enjoy that I actually "put a bird on it" this month. There is a small number of the cards available in the Card Shop, too. And, if you are reading this post, you just unlocked a 10% one-time discount on the Gratitude Card Club or any print or card. Use code: JUSTFORYOU

Grateful for Bluebirds gratitude card with a Western Bluebird on a nesting box
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