Black-eyed Susan flowers in full bloom.

Summer’s Golden Kiss Goodbye – Black-eyed Susans

Golden goddesses of the late summer garden. I’m always so impatient for these beauties to bloom. But they are more than a seasonal infatuation. Black-eyed Susans (rudbeckias) deliver joy for most of the year.

Leave the black seed heads alone and they will stand tall all winter. You’ll be entertained with feeding finches, nuthatches, chickadees, towhees, and – my favorite – the inquisitive Oregon Junco.

Edible gardening is kind gardening. Think of it as showing some gratitude for our not-so-fair-weathered, feathered friends.

Need another reason? Our bird buddies are messy eaters. The dropped seeds will self-sow and bring an even bigger field of plants to enjoy next year.

Rudbeckia also makes an interesting “snowflower” when the cold flakes fall.

Black-eyed Susans make for some eye-catching edible gardening – even if it’s just for the birds!

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