My Plant-based Practice on Pinterest

Plant-based eating for me is kind of like my yoga – it’s truly a “practice.” I take days off. I’m not perfect. But the practice keeps calling to me. It feels good to be mindful about what I eat.

I know I’m not the first mom to have a kiddo “go vegan.” When this happens, you have two choices. 1. Tell them to “fend for themselves.” 2. Hit Pinterest hard for some recipes.

I went for option two.

As I make my way through many plant-based culinary experiments, I am pinning only my successes on a Kindness Roots Recipes board. This is a Pinterest board where the recipe links work. The directions are easy to follow. And the results pass my serious YUM test. Go follow this board..

Greek Salad with Falafel is a combo of recipes from This Savory Vegan. Homemade dressing is always the best. This recipe with the caper brine is next level. My local store was tragically sans tempeh to complete the recipe. I opted to the top the salad with her “Crispy Falafel” recipe instead. Nice save, right?

Pro tip: lightly salt those halved tomatoes to brighten them up a bit if local tomatoes aren’t in season yet.

Are you considering more plant-based eating? I’d love to hear your thoughts and try your favorite recipes. Please comment below.

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