"Rose City" is a pressed flower collage on black paper by Angie Windheim for Kindness Roots. A pink rose is surrounded by a wide assortment of flowers and foliage.

“Rose City” is a life-like archival reproduction print of the 22×28″ original pressed flower artwork by Angie Windheim.

The flowers were collected, dried, and pressed by hand in Sherwood, Oregon. The rose at the center is surrounded by a diverse selection of local flowers, ferns, foliage, and even lichen to represent Angie’s hometown, Portland – aka “Rose City.”

Flowers and fauna represented are pink roses, California poppy, sword fern, lichen, Queen Anne’s lace, Black-eyed Susan, purple coneflower, Lady’s Mantle, pink heather, white daisy, fennel, sage, perennial geranium, and more.

Available in limited edition prints with our without frame on Etsy.