Tree with multi-colored branches with text One Earth to Root Us All. One World to Grow Together.

Root Kindness on Earth Day

Earth Day is a uniquely unifying and celebratory day. No religious or political or cultural exclusions apply. We can all be grateful for this amazing life-filled planet and root a little kindness. 

One Earth to root us all. One world to grow together.

On this Earth Day, I challenge you to think about how your kindness plays a role in the well-being of our environment. Asking the simple question, “Is this kind?” can put each of us on the best path to steward our shared greatest legacy – our planet. 

Is it kind to pollute our water and our air and our soil? Is it kind to eliminate habitat for wildlife and vegetation? Is it kind to add more plastic to the landfills or spray toxins that sicken our pollinator friends? 

Is it kind to endanger the survival of children around the world? Whether drought and food insecurity is happening in our own town or on another continent, we are all connected. It’s our collective responsibility to care for one another and the planet. There truly is no such thing as “other people’s children.” 

If we aren’t kind to the planet, let’s face it, we aren’t kind.

Celebrating Earth Day is about acting with kindness and expressing gratitude to our planet and everyone on it. It’s about living in a way today that ensures we can grow together tomorrow.

Everyday is Earth Day.

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